The City of Baa'arcades

The City of Baa'arcades

Affectionately referred to as ‘The City of Arcades’, Cardiff is home to seven Victorian and Edwardian arcades, each of which is truly unique. These arcades are home to over one hundred local eateries, drinkeries and independent retailers offering a shopping experience like no other.

Boasting over 150 years of Welsh retail history, Cardiff is a melting pot of Welsh heritage, global cuisine, vibrant independents and esteemed brands. At Bute & Co, we’re proud to be a part of this eclectic landscape as we pay homage to the historical coffee houses of the 18th century and the legendary Bute family synonymous with the history of Cardiff. The Marquess of Bute pioneered and built Cardiff Docks (now Cardiff Bay) which spurred the growth to the city we know today. At its peak, Cardiff dock was one of the largest dock systems in the world and the first million-pound deal was struck here thanks to the thriving Welsh industry at the time.

On Saturday 16th November 2019, Cardiff celebrated the inaugural City of Arcades Day. More than 80 independent businesses put on special offers or events and live performances took place across the seven historic arcades throughout the day and into the evening. Our personal favourite was the fashion show that took place in The Castle Quarter Arcades.

Bute & Co love being a part of this thriving network of retailers and we aim to celebrate Wales and Cardiff in every way we can. Dominions Arcade is one of Cardiff's lesser known arcades but it’s certainly one of the most vibrant thanks to Bradley Rmer. We hired Bradley, a Cardiff based street artist, to adorn Dominions Arcade with a mural dedicated to all that makes Wales great. We wanted to showcase famous Welsh icons and landmarks which Bradley beautifully tied together with a Celtic thread running the length of the arcade. If you haven't seen this, pop by for a stroll and a cuppa!Bute & Co on map

To learn more about all seven of Cardiff’s eclectic arcades, you can learn more here thanks to FOR Cardiff.

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